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Database Driven, Search Conversion Funnel

This is a conversion funnel for a Reverse Phone Number Lookup service that will tell you who owns a particular phone number. It takes you through several pages that are daisy chained together while it queries multiples databases and 3rd party sites to aggregate information about the search subject. It returns some of the information located in a MySQL Database to provide a sample of the information that you will receive if you purchase the full report at the end. It primarily uses PHP to return DB information, it also uses javaScript and CSS3 animations to complete the progress bar, along with a Google Maps API.

This site is based on a database that contains every single phone number in America plus some meta data. A DB this size would normally require thousands of Gig worth of storage but our entire database only takes up about 250MB - how did we do it? give us a call to find out and see what we can do for you - 720 808 9030

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Question Answering App

This is a question answering app that uses an algorithm to produce a customized response to any question and uses the rephrased question in the response. It also looks for certain key words to indicate the general category of the questions i.e. romance, finance, etc. and then responds appropriately to the topic. It will also store previous questions in a MySQL DB and will give you a similar response to similar questions in order to create a consistent message to your questions. It will even identify key subject matter that you are referring to more consistently.

It uses PHP for the algorithm and some minor JavaScript.

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Dynamic and Embeddable Signup Form Generator

This will create customized signup form that allows people to sell a membership at various prices and the form can be different colors to accommodate their website. The form can be embedded on any website, once submitted a PHP page will handle the submission in different ways depending on the initial input the form was created with. It can then decide where and how information will be added to the database. The form in dynamically created with javaScript and jQuery. It also checks to make sure the users account is properly set up before it allows them to continue with certain types of forms.

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Real Time 3rd Part Database Search, Returned in HTML

This uses a PHP crawling plugin to crawl a 3rd party database and return listings based on user search criteria. It does not use an iframe, the PHP actually echos all the content to the HTML document.

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Customized Article Database

This is a custom built article directory. You can select different categories of articles and then the PHP will populate a certain amount of titles per page and it does the quick math to let you know which page you are on and how many total articles there are. Upon selecting a desired article, you are sent to a template page that will be populated with the correct article based on the ID embedded in the link. It uses a MySQL DB to store the articles. The morphing buttons at the bottom were done with CSS3.

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