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Do you have a small change that you would like made to your site but your not sure exactly how to do the technical stuff and you don't want to pay a developer an arm and a leg?

Easy Site Add-On is subscription that will include simple site changes per month. Some restrictions may apply, if you need more substantial coding, graphic design or custom website functionality programming then we may need to provide you with an additional quote.

Services that are typically included

  • Adding a paragraph
  • Inserting images
  • Changing Styling
  • Inserting pre-made Code
  • Removing a particular element

And the great part is, it only costs $19.99 per month!

Bonus: We also include a membership to the Employees Discount Club, which gives you even more awesome savings

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$19.99 Per Month Membership

If you already have membership, please contact us to schedule your work

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