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This Solution Guarantees to put you on the first page of Google for any search phrase you want. It works immediately and you only pay for it when people are actually coming to your site.

You give us a monthly budget and we will guarantee you a certain amount of visitors coming to your site each month based on your budget. For example  $250 dollars per month will guarantee you 203 visitors coming to your site every month that are searching specifically for what you offer and $500 per month will guarentee 406 visitors doing the same.  So this is a good way to make sure that your advertising dollars are giving you the most guaranteed and immediate return.


      • You never pay for the same person twice.
      • You never pay for people that are searching your name or web address, you only pay for brand new customers that don’t know who you are but are searching for the type of service or product that you offer.
      • no contract or commitment, we expect our results to speak for themselves.
      • Geotargeted

        Center Fusion Design uses geotargeting to serve ads to people in specific Geographical locations  - ads are specific to a user's region and language, based on their IP address. This means that the ads that are served to a user from New York may be different than those that appear for a user from Los Angeles. Geotargeting makes the ads even more relevant to your potential customers. We can target specific cities, zip codes and even neighborhoods.


We also use advanced call tracking and software to see which search phrases and ads are getting you customers and which ones aren’t, then we continually improve your campaign based on what’s working so that you start getting more and more customers out of it on a monthly bases.  We can always decrease or increase your budget later on to get even more visitors and even more customer. So this is a good short term strategy because it works immediately and has guaranteed visitors.

Give us a call for a more detailed quote and analysis for your business.





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